Every practice has a responsibility to its patients to make sure that the medical equipment they use is fully maintained and in efficient working order. Our team of qualified engineers can help you achieve this by visiting your site and completing all the medical equipment testing and repair in one visit, saving you downtime and costs.

Prime Tradezone is pleased to announce the new framework Maintenance Contracts for Medical Equipment.

In order for the process to work smoothly we need to develop a partnership with you and taking into account your valued feedback from our task force sessions we have summarized below what we need you to do to ensure the process works.

New Business requests
Where you are asking us for a contract not previously with us please provide us with the following information:

  • Serial Number/ Model Code
  • Manufacturer
  • Equipment type/ description
  • Equipment location
  • All cover levels required
  • Details of any special part coverage to be included in the contract
  • Contract dates and period


Where you have an existing contract and a renewal is due we will:-

  • Work with your trust to ascertain up coming contract renewals in advance where possible
  • Check which suppliers you would require quotes from and if multiple cover levels or contract periods are required
  • Should alternate quotes be required we will Endeavour to provide a summary of all options but will work with you to ensure this summary is clear and precise and covers your needs


Purchase orders
When providing us with a purchase order please make sure it details the following information to ensure that delays are avoided, continuity of contract is maintained and that any potential incentives are achieved 

  • Our quotation reference
  • Equipment details
  • Contract dates and period
  • Level of cover/ service package
  • Price as per our quotation EXCLUDING VAT
  • Contact details in case of query.


Further Considerations

  • Please be aware that anything excluded from the contract, for example additional consumables must be dealt with direct from the supplier unless available via other  
  • If you know of any changes to your requirements e.g. change in level of cover please advise us as early as possible and in as consolidated format as possible to enable us to process your contracts in a timely manner. This especially applies if looking at multiple suppliers and cover levels as this is a complicated and lengthy process.
  • Please make us aware of decommissioning as soon as possible in order to help us maximize any credits that may possibly be due.
  • Also be aware we are here as a support function and we are always looking to develop our offering so please contact us at any stage to discuss this further if there is anything we can do to help you or if you have any suggestions for improvements than we can make.


Benefits of working with Prime Tradezone -

  • Unique framework discounts
  • No cost for using our service
  • Transparent pricing and savings 
  • Simple quote and order system to reduce timescales
  • Single point of contact for all maintenance contracts
  • Choice – multi year, multi supplier, multi cover level options
  • Your trust maintains your relationship with the service provider
  • Simplified renewals process 


Service Commitments

  • Increased staff for peak renewals' season to maintain service delivery 
  • Ongoing operating system improvements and future development
  • Quotation data issued 3 months in advance of renewal where supplier procedures allow.
  • Queries/quote reiterations responded to within 2/4 days


The Contract includes:

  • Four annual visits (The current one and three further annual visits).
  • Annual maintenance of all your medical devices.
  • Fixed prices for the duration of the contract.  
  • Unbiased recommendations for replacement medical devices.
  • Assessment of failed medical devices and quotation for repair if this is an option.
  • No administration - we advise you when the next maintenance visit is due.
  • Free technical help.


Our contracts give you peace of mind that your medical devices are maintained by an company that has fully qualified experience engineers.

Contact us for further information or to learn more about our medical repair service.



Prime Tradezone will provide equipment maintenance and repair services for a wide range of research equipment including most general biomedical, laboratory, and imaging equipment. The range of covered equipment will include almost all equipments. We’ve built a great reputation for assisting medical practices with complete medical equipment repair services. We offer FREE medical equipment repair information. To provide healthcare professionals with complete medical equipment repair satisfaction, we offer a wide range of outside biomedical equipment services and repair options for the products in your facility. Whether you need installation and setup, equipment repairs, preventive maintenance, safety testing, or just to order parts. We have a professional team of certified engineers on staff to meet the needs of demanding medical facility environments. Our goal is excellent service at competitive rates.


We will travel to your location; do assessments, testing, and repair operating room and surgical equipment on an as needed basis.


How to establish a service
To establish a service, departments should contact us for on-site engineer to obtain a quote detailing the level of service desired. Available service options include:

  • Inspection only
  • Inspection and repair
  • Inspection, repair and parts
  • Preventative Maintenance Service.
  • Suggestion of Room for installing capital equipments.


If the department desires to use our services after reviewing  our quote, the department must initiate a purchase requisition, limited purchase order,  citing the chosen service option listed on the quote. We will initiate coverage for the designated equipment upon receipt of the order.

That will depend on the type of repair. There are three main categories. Emergencies will be responded to immediately, but when special parts are needed or the repair is routine there will be a longer wait.

When you report the repair you will be told what category your repair is and how long you should have to wait. We will offer all tenants who report repairs an appointment for the work to be carried out, and whenever possible we will make arrangements which are best for you and suit our working schedules.

As a Council tenant you have a Right to Repair for certain qualifying repairs. These have specific timescales which we aim to meet. You will be told at the time of reporting the repair whether or not it is a qualifying repair.

If an appointment was arranged for the work when you reported the repair please advise us well in advance if you'll no longer be available at that time. This will mean we can rearrange a suitable time to carry out your repair.

Although we do our best to thoroughly describe our biomedical equipment repair capabilities, there are some pieces of equipment that either we don't see that often or are so esoteric in their use that we neglect to list them. Please feel free to contact us should you have a piece of equipment that is in need of repair that you don't see listed on our site.